New Years Resolution and Announcement!

This has been such a long time coming and I'm so happy to feel like I've finally reached this point in my personal and professional life! I've been doing photography professionally for 3 years now and have enjoyed every. single. second. Literally, I'm so blessed to be able to call this my career.

After the birth of our little girl, Jake and I had a discussion that it was best for our family if I stayed home with her. This thrilled me because I had always dreamed of being a stay at home mama! The only problem was that we needed a little extra consistent income every month to stay living comfortably. Luckily, my photo sessions were able to bring that in. It was important that this was consistent though, so I made sure my prices were very inexpensive. I have gained so much knowledge and so many wonderful friends during this process and I would do everything just the same if I had to do it all over again

Here comes the "but". But, with my inexpensive prices came a TON of responsibility that I don't know if I was ready for. Just about every weekend was filled to the brim with sessions. Back to back WONDERFUL sessions! Seriously, I can't say enough how much I enjoy being busy with something that I LOVE. "But". The amount of time I put into each session before and after along with the investments I make in each session leaves me with almost no profit afterward and less time with my baby girl and husband.

My New Years Resolution for 2014 is balance. Balance between my professional life and my family. I can no longer be the inexpensive photographer just shooting a few posed family photos. My heart wants more for my clients and for my family! SO, while my prices will be increasing to more of an industry standard, my clients will also notice a DRASTIC difference, not only in their photos, but in their experience. You will feel confident in your choice to hire me from our first conversation about your vision for your portraits, how you want to decorate your house with them, what you should wear, how to feel more confident in front of the camera, how to get your kids to cooperate to get those adorable natural and candid photos you've seen and we'll discuss which of the beautiful locations I use is right for you.

I debated whether or not to post this. Whether I should discretely raise my prices and hope nobody noticed or to wave it around on a giant red flag. I decided to go with the latter simply because it's not just a price increase. This is a service and quality increase. I want so much for my clients and I'm so excited for what I'll be able to provide to you all in 2014!!

I hope you had a fabulous and safe New Years!
- Vannessa

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